Climate Control

What is it and why is it important?

What is Climate-Controlled Self Storage?

Premium self storage units that protect your belongings

Non-climate-controlled storage units run the risk of allowing your items to be damaged by fluctuating temperatures. If a storage unit doesn’t have climate control, it’s basically a shed. 

Would you keep your clothes, collectibles, electronics, and other important items in a shed during the dead of winter? What about at the peak of summer? 

Climate-controlled storage units help alleviate this concern. These storage units are heated and air-conditioned, helping protect your belongings from damage year-round.

What Items Benefit from Climate Control?

Most items do better in a climate-controlled unit, but some benefit more than others


Clothing can be especially susceptible to the elements if not stored with climate control, suffering from mold and mildew in the wrong conditions.


Electronics are typically very sensitive. A build-up of moisture or exposure to freezing temperatures can cause permanent damage.


If you’re storing collectibles—especially those with real value—you should choose a climate-controlled storage unit to maintain their value.


Most furniture does better in climate control. A climate-controlled storage unit is especially important for furniture with wood and upholstery, though!


Don’t let moisture or freezing temperatures damage your important documents. Whether it’s birth certificates and family photos, business records, or important medical documents, climate control is the best bet.


Climate-controlled storage units help protect sensitive items like antiques. Antiques are generally already quite fragile due to their age, and maintaining their value and condition is important.

Rent Climate-Controlled Self Storage Units

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  • Heated and air-conditioned units
  • Regular pest control across facility
  • 100% ground floor units
  • Extra tall ceilings
  • 12-month rate guarantee
  • Secure, state-of-the-art facilities