Rent U-Haul Trucks and Moving Vans

Moving trucks at 360 New York 211E with Safe Haven Self Storage

U-Haul is the First Choice for Moving Trucks

Safe Haven Self Storage is an official U-Haul dealer in Middletown, NY

U-Haul trucks are reliable, easy to drive, and efficient, which takes some of the stress out of moving. Give us a call or stop by to rent a U-Haul truck or van with Safe Haven Self Storage! We’ll help you find the perfect amount of space for your moving - and we sell boxes and moving supplies too.

Moving is stressful, but renting a truck or van doesn’t have to be. Our convenient location and top-quality self storage units mean you can take care of everything you need to move in one stop. Give us a call today to get started renting a moving truck or van with Safe Haven Self Storage - Middletown.

Why Choose U-Haul Trucks and Vans?

U-Haul moving trucks are the clear choice in Middletown, NY

Easy to load

U-Haul trucks are designed for everyday folks, not professional movers. The loading deck is as close to the ground as possible, so you’re not lifting heavy boxes or furniture higher than necessary! Choose a truck with a loading ramp to make loading up even easier. 

Easy to drive

Every U-Haul comes with an array of convenient safety features. They have high-visibility mirrors, so even rookie truck drivers can be sure they’re safe. With gentle suspension, seatbelts, and many more safety features, U-Haul trucks protect you during the move.

Move with Confidence

U-Haul moving trucks are built to keep your things safe during the move. With rub rails on three sides of the truck and a strong suspension system, your furniture will be protected during the drive.